Computer services trade exports swell


KARACHI: Computer, telecommunication and information services sector of Pakistan is continuously showing positive growth despite not patronising adequately by the regime. During the eight months of current fiscal year 2014, this sector exports surged by 10.25 percent.
Latest figures released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Monday suggested computer and information services sector remained on upward trajectory, representing almost 11 percent yearly growth to $212.512 million as compared to $192.547 in the same period of last fiscal.
Similarly, communication services included telecommunication services and call centers also registered 7 percent yearly growth in first eight months of current fiscal as Pakistani professionals brought $334.908 million foreign exchange in the country by giving their services to international firms and individuals as against $313.220 million worth of services exported in the corresponding period of last fiscal.
Experts said this sector has never been attended properly by any of rulers in the country despite the fact that Pakistani professionals were being got prominent recognition across the world.
Telecommunication services and call centres businesses in Pakistan are continuously playing pivotal role in the Pakistan services trade from almost the last decade as alone call centre’s businesses managed to earn $23.857 million in period under review however, inflationary pressure coupled with non professionalism due to untrained staff suppressed the exports of call centres by 8 percent in the first eight months of on going fiscal as compared to $ 25.863 million in same period of FY13.
If government patronises the telecommunication and computer sectors of the country Pakistan has huge potential as gaming software sector in Pakistan is being rapidly growing as software consultancy services’ exports surged enormously by 64 percent to $40.56 million in the period under review as compared to $24.72 million in the same period of FY13. Hardware consultancy services’ exports declined to worth $1.11 million in first eight months of FY14 as compared to $2.28 million in the same period of FY13.
Export of computer software swelled by 4 percent in the first eight months period of current fiscal to $146.66 million while the exports of computer software stood at $141.58 million in the corresponding period of last fiscal.
If local Information Technology (IT) professionals properly trained by appropriate support of Pakistani government then telecommunication services can reduce services’ trade deficit as country spends huge foreign exchange to import computer and information services and of telecommunication services.

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