Broadband subscription touches high in one month

ISLAMABAD – Broadband service providers in the country have added around 1,01,161 new connections in one month, touching the total subscription to 3.54 million mark till March 2014.

The number of total broadband subscribers in February this year was 3.44 million and major contribution in one month was due to EvDo technology of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) which added 68,677 new broadband connections during the period.

The number of EvDo broadband connection in February was 15,83,585 while it reached 16,52,262 connections by March this year which account to around 45 per cent of market share. A latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Wednesday revealed that although there are some operators which are providing the services but PTCL still leading the market.

This was made possible through back to backaggressive offers from PTCL for EVO services. The DSL remains the second top technology in terms of broadband subscribers with a total of 1.27 million subscriptions.  WiMAX companies, following the trend during last few months, did not perform anything and lost 4,000 subscribers during the reported months. Total number of subscribers on broadband using WiMAX technology stood at 567,400 in February this year and in March reached 5,63,400 subscribers.

It merits mentioned here that one subscription can cater broadband needs of a number of people in a house/business facility, therefore, broadband users are in larger numbers than the subscription. Taking an average family size of four people, the broadband users, based on number of broadband subscriptions of 3.54 million are more than 13 million.

This number is reasonably be higher than this as corporate subscription of broadband is also used by multiple users. As 3G/4G mobile services have been introduced the mobile broadband penetration in the country would substantially increased in coming years.

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