Khyber Pakhtunkhwa announces Rs 139.805 billion for ADP

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government Saturday announced an ambitious Annual Development Plan (ADP) for the upcoming fiscal 2014-15 with a total outlay of Rs 139.805 billion, with an increase of 18.5 % over the last year’s development program. 
The ADP comprises of 1,251 projects, with 711 ongoing and 540 new, formulated on the basis of priorities of the line departments/agencies solicited under the Integrated Development Strategy, says Finance Minister Siraj-ul-Haq in the budget speech. The Finance Minister said that in the ADP 2014-15, maximum funds are reserved for ongoing schemes so that with completion of these schemes people could get benefit. 
The ADP 2014-15 had been formulated after an intensive consultative process, he added. 
The process included a series of sessions with all the line departments/agencies, Finance Department, Advisor to CM for Planning & Development Department and the Chief Minister, in order to seek their guidance, he added.
Giving details of last years ADP, Sirajul Haq said the size of the ADP 2013-14 was Rs 118 billion, which included foreign aid component of Rs 35 billion. 
The provincial government’s contribution in the ADP was Rs 83 billion.
The provincial program comprised of 983 projects including 609 ongoing and 374 new projects out of which, 209 projects were completed.
Siraj ul Haq said government is cognisant of the core hindrances to its development process. 
Intrinsically, the province is faced with the challenges of slow economic growth, unemployment, poverty and poor social service delivery. 
Negligence and seepage of resources as a result of weak execution and accountability has manifested in public frustration and a disconnect between public planning and people’s needs. The government is committed to address the root causes of this malaise through tangible policy measures to prevent and minimize the public displeasure, he added.
According to White Paper, the ADP envisages substantial allocations for all the development sectors. 
For the year 2014-15, the size of foreign assistance is Rs 39.755 billion for 75 projects. Out of the foreign assistance Rs 31.486 billion is grant while Rs 8.269 billion is loan. 
Highlights of ADP 2014-15: In view of the allocated resources, the following order of priority has generally been observed:  20.5 % increase in Local Component of ADP, 14% increase in Foreign Assistance of which about 79 % is grant, 56 % allocations for 711 on-going Projects & 44 % allocation for 540 new Projects, Throw-forward on the lower side, 2-3 yrs, Priority to consolidation than expansion, Priority to Health, Education, Energy & Power, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs, Provisions for reform initiatives especially in Health, Education, IT, Skill Dev., Mines & Minerals, Agriculture and Local Government, Encouraging Public Private Partnership, 
The ADP highlights also include Mass Transit System for Peshawar, Schemes to address traffic and sanitation issues in Peshawar, Pro-Poor Initiatives, Equitable distribution of funds among the regions. 

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