Pakistan Railways earns Rs 23.98bn in FY 2013-14

ISLAMABAD: From July 2013 to June 2014 Pakistan Railways managed to earn Rs 23.981 billion as against Rs 18.069 billion when compared with the same period of corresponding year. Thus registered and increase of Rs 5.912 billion.
Official documents available with Daily Times revealed that the major portion of earning came from Passenger, where the PR earned Rs 15.401 billion while last year it was Rs 13.183 billion showing a net increase of Rs 2.218 billion. From other coaching, the government earned Rs 1.061 billion while Rs 0.954 billion in the previous year showing total increase of Rs 0.107 billion. From Goods transport, the PR earned Rs 3.508 billion by end of June 2014 while last year it was Rs 1.954 billion showing a net increase of Rs 1.550 billion. From Military Traffic, Pakistan Railways earned Rs 0.518 billion while last year the earning was Rs 0.410 billion showing net earning Rs 0.108 billion. The document further revealed that Pakistan Railways earned Rs 3.493 billion from Sundry while last year it was Rs 1.564 billion showing a net increase of earning Rs 1.929 billion.
The document further revealed that government has taken several measures, which helped to increase PR earning like reduction in fares resulted into attracting extra passengers towards rail that consequently increased the passenger earning as well as other coaching.
Availability of locomotives in freight pool has been enhanced from eight locomotives to 25 locomotives on daily basis that generated activity and made it possible to start three to five freight trains ex, Karachi port daily for up country.
Punctuality of Passenger trains has been improved from 10% to 55% and HSD oil reserve was limited for two days, which has been enhanced to 12 days to streamline the operation of trains.
Punjab government cleared outstanding of more than Rs 800 million and the government has retrieved 211.046 acres of land from the encroachers worth Rs 723.781 million.
A scrap policy to override corruption in the sale of scrap has since been introduced. Scrap will be sold out through open advertised competitive bidding supervised by a committee of Principal Officers to ensure transparency. 
Through consistent efforts of Railway Administration and involving Railway and Civil Police, travelling without tickets has been controlled to a large extent.
Theft of electricity in Railway Offices and houses has been controlled by raiding at odd and peak hours. Rs 17 million have been recovered during last six months whereas four FIRs have been lodged against main culprits. Local purchase system is being improved by issuing Procedure Orders to follow the instructions of PPRA (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority) and Stores Codes.
To eliminate the ghost pensioners, automation system for pensioners has been introduced as a pilot project in Lahore and will be expanded to the entire system. Transfer and posting of choice which was a source of corruption by making transfer and posting purely on merit, efficiency and void of any political influence. Allotment of houses another source of corruption and mismanagement has been streamlined and now houses are allotted strictly in accordance with priority list.
Procurements in railways including PSDP portfolio used to be contractor driven and its priority was determined by the contractors. Now the PSDP projects are executed according to the priority of Pakistan Railways in the best national interest.

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