Small exporters of mangoes suffer at the hands of DPP

KARACHI: While the government through its Ministry of National Food Security and Research (NFS&R) and the private sector is determined to stop the export of mangos in case fruit flies are detected, the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) is creating unexpected hurdles for small exporters rather than facilitating them.Director Harvest Trading Ahmad Jawad said even pre-shipment inspection of the mango from the approved 3rd party, still exporters faced obstacles at Karachi airport in order to get a mandatory phyto-sanitary certificate for export from the DPP inspectors; however they are forced to exporters on the Hot Water Treatment (HWT). Currently in Sindh, there is only approved facility of HWT named M/s Horti Fresh which was established through Joint Venture of Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) under the grant of Export Development Fund (EDF), reportedly charge Rs 20 per kg for the treatment which is expensive plus a long queue awaited if you bring your mangoes for treatment. Because their first priority to treat their own mangoes.Jawad said when the exporters procured mangoes from the certified orchards of DPP; they pay Rs 2400 per 40 kg instead of normal rate of mango of 1200 per 40 kg and packed in the certified pack houses in the supervision of renewed external companies personal on the services charges of Rs 30,000 per consignment. If then the consignment rejected at airport on a ruthless excuse of Hot water (HWT), then I think small exporters of mangoes compel to stop their trading. As, we all well aware Pakistani mangoes are facing stiff competition and there are narrow margins in the international trade, even though some time consignment sold on break-even prices. In this scenario DPP must lay down economical and easier SOP’s especially for small exporters.But in the export side if we look on our performance, the average export of Pakistani mango during last five years was 80,370 tons only. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), mango export volume (2011-2012) was 85.11 thousand tons with the value of 36.66 US million dollars. Pakistan produces around 1.7 to 1.8 million tones mango annually but export volume has been very low (4-5% only) of the total production, on account of various reasons. Pakistani mango export is facing multiple serious challenges in international markets; He said if we look in the scenario internationally we saw that in last three years; over 1.1 million tonnes of mangos has been traded internationally each year. Parts of the mangos are traded again by importing countries. If the import of all countries is added up, there is an annual import of 1.5 million tones approx with a collective (C&F) import value of $1.9 billion. Holland plays an important role in the trade. Globally, Holland is the second largest importer of mangos. But almost 80% is re-exported. Holland comes fourth in the list of mango exporters.Jawad briefed the important growing markets for Pakistani mango sales are the United States, Gulf States as well as Canada, UK and Russia.We must keep in mind, in exports create linkages are most important. Otherwise you cannot achieve your desire result, but here unfortunately yet we indulge in our quarantine matters which were to be done before; he added.

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