Govt to promote chip design and manufacturing industry

* Official says industrial base in electronics sector is negligible in Pakistan
Govt to promote chip design and manufacturing industry

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Science and Technology is all set to launch a project for promotion of chip design and manufacturing industry in the country. The project will help achieve self-reliance and promote indigenous design and manufacturing besides achieving a turnover of U$ 100 million annually by 2018.
“We are taking steps to promote Electronic System Design and Manufacturing in the country for economic development, employment generation and increase of exports in this sector”, an official of the ministry said on Tuesday.
The official said his ministry is taking steps to increase availability of high-technology manpower in electronic design and manufacturing sector to create enabling environment for local and foreign investment and to achieve target of 500 high-end human resource creation to 500 Masters and 100 PhDs annually by 2017.
To meet these targets, extensive human resource development programme may be launched in the high-technology area of semi conductor design and manufacturing in collaboration with local and foreign universities to ensure availability of adequate trained and skilled manpower to industry.
“Semi-conductor wafer fabrication facilities will be established for manufacturing of chips and components. The establishment of Conformity Assessment Centres will facilitate production of quality electronic products,” the official said
He said electronics manufacturing industry is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world and at present it is estimated at US$ 1.75 trillion.
Industrial base in this sector is negligible in the country while Pakistan is among the major users of electronic goods. By establishing electronics manufacturing industry, large number of unemployed youth can be deployed in this industry, he added. 
Talking about key areas of electronics system design and manufacturing, the official said it includes consumer electronics, IT & Telecom, automotive electronics, electronic components, chip design, medical electronics, power electronics, LEDs manufacturing and LED lights. Electronics components and semi-conductor chips are essential part of any electronic products, he stated.
For indigenous design and self-reliance in electronics, semi-conductor chip design and water fabrication facilities are essentially required. Setting up of chip design centres require less investment as compared to wafer fabrication facility, he added. 
A lot of foreign exchange can be earned through integrated circuit design services to international companies, the official said, adding India is generating nearly U$ 2 billion in revenues through chip design services. 
“Setting up of chip design centres across the country will provide enabling environment for the semi conductor wafer fabrication industry and will also attract foreign investment in this sector”.
In order to increase the export of electronic products in the quality-conscious international market, he said it was essential to produce high quality products which are compliant with global standards including International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission. 

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