Huge potential for hospitality industry in Pakistan: Michel Galopin


ISLAMABAD: Michel A Galopin General Manager of Islamabad Serena Hotel has said Pakistan has huge potential for hospitality industry. An improved security situation of the country can surely contribute greatly towards promotion of tourism industry as well.
Galopin said this while giving an exclusive interview to DNA. A Frenchman, Michel Galopin has vast experience in the hospitality industry spanning well over two decades.
He further said, the Islamabad Serena hotel was opened in 2001 and it has rapidly become a Leading Hotels of the World affiliated member. ”I believe the hotel is a great institution with many qualities. Before coming to Pakistan I had already served in Far East Asia for over 20 years for various leading hotel groups and I was pleased to join the Serena Hotel”.
Galopin added, there are two factors which helped him a lot in fostering the image and quality of this institution. First, an efficient communication system that created better synergies among all the departments.
“Also, I believe in management by walking around which I always encourage my business partners to do. I am always in action because it is the only key to achieve greater customer satisfaction and that is what I always tell the associates”.
When an associate joins the Serena, his entire family becomes part of the company. We look after the Serena families in the best possible ways. When I took over as the general manager, sound career development of our associates was of utmost importance to me. Also,  I have developed the Sales and Marketing team to improve our market share and we are successful in winning the confidence of new business partners. I have also enticed the team to be more flexible to customers’ demands and be more accommodating to their needs, he added.
To a question he said, to manage a hotel in an efficient manner one has to have adequate knowledge of all departments such as engineering, marketing, sales, housekeeping, food and beverages, etc. My previous professional experience of having worked for international hotel groups in several countries including UK, France, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, helps me to have an understanding of all these departments.
To yet another question Michel Galopin said,  “I believe that competition is healthy and gives us more opportunity to explore our potential. The Islamabad Serena Hotel is the only hotel in Pakistan that is affiliated with The Leading Hotels of the World, which is a prestigious recognition which requires to constantly develop highest technology as well. As I said before, training and development of the staff are key to success of any enterprise”.
Giving tips to new comers in the industry he said,” when I meet new associates during the introduction, I always tell them that they can do wonders in this profession only if they have a passion for their job. Hotel industry provides great satisfaction in the noble meaning of hospitality but one must have the feeling of giving and be generous, as we are in service industry and it is all about giving. It demands great effort and serious work but the reward is tremendous”.
Dilating upon the business potential of the country he said, the hospitality industry in Pakistan is new and has huge potential. The security issue may be a problem, but I believe it will be solved.
Pakistan offers a plethora of natural scenery which are pure treasures, especially the Northern part of the country which I visited a few months ago. Corporate business, I believe is doing very well in Pakistan but tourism is yet to be developed, then the hospitality industry will flourish, he added. When asked to share his impression about Pakistan, he said, Pakistan,is a wonderful and a vibrant country.  Its people are industrious, hard working and committed. Let me give you an example of the recently held flower show at our hotel.
I was amazed and touched to see the craftsmanship of the participants of the Pakistan Floral Arts Society, women in particular. The way they produced such a quality work was a reflection of their commitment and their strong desire to do something different thereby bringing laurels to their families and their country.
Likewise, you must have visited Satrang art gallery at the Islamabad Serena Hotel, which provides a platform to Pakistani artists to display an essence of their talents.
 The interest which Pakistani people show in such exhibitions is a clear manifestation of them being a lively and committed nation. I wish Pakistani people resounding success in all spheres of life. 

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