‘KBD will not be built against will of Sindh’

HYDERABAD: Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Chairman Zafar Ahmed has maintained that implementation of the Constitution and 1991 Water Accord is necessary for the integrity and solidarity of the country and Kalabagh Dam will not be built against the will of the people of Sindh.
The Chairman said while briefing the representatives of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture and Sindh Abadgar Board and later talking to media persons here on Thursday.
He informed that distribution of water and power is now being managed by IRSA and power distribution companies and no one can take a drop of water without the permission of IRSA.
During the current year, the Prime Minister handed over the distribution of Water of River Indus to WAPDA and it is running the distribution of water through telemetry system at the point of Bisham, of Gilgit-Baltistan, he said.
Under the system, he informed the Authority communicates the information to IRSA about quantity of water after melting of glaciers for release of water and its storage in dams. 
He dispelled impression of any cheating during distribution of water by WAPDA or IRSA adding that theft of water is not possible now.
The Chairman underlined the need of upgrading of irrigation system, proper distribution of water to this system as well as storage of rain and floodwater to meet the demand. 
He informed that construction of Darwat Dam is in last stage and on completion; rainwater will be stored in this dam. Besides, the government has also plans construction of water storage where rainwater from Kheer Thar Mountain being received through Gaaj Canal will be stored near Ranni Kot, he added.
He said that Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD) Project could not come up to expectation as only 40 percent work on the project has so far been completed despite spending of Rs 33 billion. The project was estimated to cost Rs 26 billion, however due to delay in completion, the cost rose to Rs 50 billion, he said and added that work on this project has been suspended since the last two years.
About Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) Project, the Chairman informed that it was designed for 3600 cusecs of water, however, this project had passed 4600 cusecs of water in the past. The capacity of the project could be enhanced up to 10 thousand cusecs of water, he added.

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